Costa Rica: A New Perspective

            Shorts but not long pants. Saying yes, but actually meaning no. Actions that mean more than words. Spanish language versus English. Beans with rice. These are the complexity of new thoughts about Costa Rica that race through my head. Originally, when I imagined Costa Rica, images of sandy beaches, lush tropical forest and exotic wildlife filled my mind. After immersing myself in the readings and cultural discussions of Costa Rica, I have come to realize that while Costa Rica is a country of great beauty it is also one that holds a rich and unique culture. The Costa Rican culture appears to be vastly different than the American customs I have come to develop. However, I am now excited and intrigued to explore the cultural depths of Costa Rica. I still hope to see a jaguar, learn how to surf, take endless pictures of the tropical forest and enhance my journalism skills. But I am also looking forward to the cultural aspects from attempting to speak Spanish to trying new foods, even the rice and beans.

— Breanne Brammer

One thought on “Costa Rica: A New Perspective

  1. Bill Allen says:

    This is a really positive approach, Breanne. You have high hopes, and I think you’ll realize them and more, except perhaps the jaguar (but you never know). My advice: keep one hand on your camera and the other on a bottle of Lizano sauce to put on your luscious plates of rice and beans! -Bill

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