Costa Rica: Initial Impressions

In a country whose geography from frosted mountaintops to coastal lowlands to tropical dry forest, it may surprise outsiders how united, peaceful and cordial the “Ticos” are.  The Ticos are a proud people; telling little white lies to avoid offending family, friends and even strangers is common of many Ticos.  Although lying carries a negative connotation in the U.S., the Ticos’ white lies are not meant to trick or deceive but rather to help them to “quedar bien,” to get along peacefully and without offending one another.  Though diverse in geography, social status and occupation, Ticos feel a strong sense of nationalism even as encroaching consumerism threatens to change the Ticos’ traditions and way of life.  We as U.S. Americans could learn a great deal from the TIcos about supporting our country and each other, in good times as well as bad.

–Amy Esker

One thought on “Costa Rica: Initial Impressions

  1. Bill Allen says:

    You’re right, Amy. Costa Ricans are special people. We’re going to see all kinds of evidence of that and learn a ton about why it is so. As you suggest, it has a lot to do with the character of their land and the path of their history. Good insight will come to those, like us, who explore, observe and ask good questions. -Bill

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