Ready, Set, Grow…

As United States citizens, we look down upon almost all other countries on our continent. We even go so far as to use “American” as our everyday demonym, suggesting we are the only Americans. Costa Rica presents a chance to grow away from this trend. With over accommodating citizens who welcome foreigners warmly and a landscape of wondrous uncontained beauty, Costa Rica seems to be the tropical paradise where adventure can become a part of life. Costa Rica seems to offer me the best opportunity to study a friendly yet strange culture and experience some of the ancient forests of the world before they are gone. I am most enthusiastic to meet people who differ from myself and to tackle another language and social customs to better understand these new friends.

–Bobby Watson

Junior PhotoJournalism major

One thought on “Ready, Set, Grow…

  1. Bill Allen says:

    You have a great attitude, Bobby. I look forward to working with you as we both learn by doing. I think that’s so much better than “learning by being told.” Pura vida. -Bill

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