My Unrequited Love

By Isabella Alves

SAN LUIS, Costa Rica —I met my one true love. I’ve loved them from afar for awhile. Tasting them, smelling their aroma, gazing at them from store-front windows, but now I’ve finally met them face to face au natural: coffee.

This liquid sustenance, which has kept me a functional human being for the past 20 years, grew in long scattered rows among the trees, like the native Guanacaste tree, of Finca La Bella, the Beautiful Farm.

These scattered rows sprouted from the remains of a forest not long left behind. The stunning greenness of the farm was highlighted by pops of color from ripe red coffee beans and oranges drooping from citrus trees.

We treaded through the rows of plants, dogs yapping and zig-zagging between our legs. Plants that I owed my productivity, awareness and sanity to.

I’m a huge coffee fan, always have been. My parents started me drinking coffee at a young age, slowly mixing it in increasingly greater proportions with milk, training me my whole life for this tour.

Oldemar Salazar Picado, owner of the farm, guided us through the coffee-making process and proudly displayed his plants, before taking us back into his house for a nice, strong cup of organic high-elevation coffee. The sweet, bold ambrosia slid down my throat and comforted my soul.

I left the farm with new additions to carry home – fitting two coffee bags into my suitcase will be a feat I’ll probably need coffee to figure out. I know if journalism doesn’t work out for me, I’ve found my second calling, coffee drinking.

Edited by Nadav Soroker

2 thoughts on “My Unrequited Love

  1. Debbie Allen says:

    A fun read! Good, descriptive writing.

  2. hollyjean says:

    Reblogged this on Holly Enowski and commented:
    I had my first cup of coffee while abroad at an organic coffee farm and it was so good! They told me that I was getting my hopes up for US coffee, which is apparently not as wonderful, but I brought two bags with me so that taste will not be soon forgotten. 🙂

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