Pursuing the olive ridley turtle story

By Bill Allen

OSTIONAL, Costa Rica — This post is an announcement and something of a placeholder. We arrived Wednesday close to midnight at our motel in Liberia and Thursday spent the first full day of the 2016-17 field-reporting trip pursuing the story of the olive ridley sea turtle.

We’re doing our journalism a bit differently this year, going in-depth as a multimedia team on several key stories. That will take more time, so our posts may be less frequent, but richer.

Our first focus is the olive ridley, which like many of the ocean’s magnificent animals is at risk of extinction.

The turtle periodically arrives en masse on the beach of this Pacific coastal community. We’ve timed our stop here with the darkest phase of the moon: the New Moon. The turtle times its arrival by the same clock.

We just came back from interviews and a night walk on the beach to watch one lay its eggs and trudge back into the ocean. Two blocks from the porch of our Ostional motel now the surf is pounding out a code of power and peace.

The turtle’s story is a complex example of what happens when nature and society come into conflict. Exploring that theme is what drives us.

We hope you’ll follow along.

We’re set for a 5 a.m. beach walk tomorrow (Friday). The students are excited, and their instructor is off to rest.

One thought on “Pursuing the olive ridley turtle story

  1. Debbie Allen says:

    This journey, and all others during this this field reporting course, will be read and watched by your many interested followers, especially me. Thank you for the opportunity to experience Costa Rica through the eyes and minds of these young journalists.

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