Field Reporting in Costa Rica: Water’s Untested

Blake Nourie


I am a planner who proceeds towards a known goal. I have known I have wanted to pursue a career in medicine since I was in sixth grade with every class, extracurricular activity, and volunteering opportunity aimed at pursuing this goal. Now, why go to Costa Rica and write stories about deforestation and the state of a rainforest thousands of miles away physically and metaphorically from where and what I want to do? Spontaneity.



I have challenged myself to take a chance. Challenged myself to try something new. Challenged myself to learn from others and fail along the way. This opportunity fell on my lap(top) with a deadline to read about the program, convince the family back home, and apply all within a week. The sentence that read “…get off the plane and drive directly to the sea turtle’s nesting site” changed my opinion from possibly deleting that email and carrying on my business, to filling out the application as soon as possible.



I am enthralled with the idea of exploring and experiencing Costa Rica on the ground level for all that this land can provide. I plan on diving head first into the field of reporting to fail, learn, and discover. I can’t say what I expect because I expect the unexpected. I want what I have not found, what I do not know. This is the first time I will truly exit my comfort zone in academia and I couldn’t be more excited to learn.

One thought on “Field Reporting in Costa Rica: Water’s Untested

  1. Debbie Allen says:

    You are bold and ambitious to take on this challenge. I hope your voyage is successful!

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