Packing cameras, not pictures

By Nadav Soroker

COLUMBIA — I am bringing a pen, paper and camera to Costa Rica in T-minus 18 days. Notebooks are rapidly filled with packing lists, crossed out and revised, to be edited down to a bare minimum. The camera is the only necessity, the pen and notebooks its supporting ensemble. The rest can be figured out as I go.

Keeping the dreams down is the hardest part, trying not to imagine photos before I get there. I can see the Jaguar stalking low in the path, its head sunk low between its shoulders as it stares into my lens; a scene that creeps through when I am not vigilant against my own preconceptions and imaginations.

Dreams have no place in the packing list. I want to see the country honestly, not as I think I know it. It is hard to strike the delicate balance of researching the country and what subjects I might turn my camera on, while not becoming set in a course. I mustn’t become jaded before setting foot on Costa Rican soil. The closer it gets, the harder it becomes. I will be there soon enough, I just have to wait out the last few weeks and rest up to make sure that I am ready to hop the flight and hit the ground running.

One thought on “Packing cameras, not pictures

  1. Debbie Allen says:

    Good reflections. Realistic. Good luck!

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