Expectations and Hope

By: Amanda Henderson

COLUMBIA – It has been a little over five years since I was last in Costa Rica. Everything about the country fascinated me the last time I was there. The people, the culture, the history, essentially everything spoke to me in a way that made me want to return.

Now I am anticipation of the upcoming plane ride, which will take me back to the country that captured my heart five years ago.

I am hoping to go back and be amazed once more by the incredible ecosystem while learning more about how to report on ecological news. There is so much to Costa Rica’s rich history that excites me.

I am also excited at the possibility of seeing wildlife up close. Turtles, jaguars, even insects excite me. Maybe not so much the insects but still, the possibility of being able to see animal life on a personal level {maybe even see baby sea turtles and name one J} is something that I hope I will be able to experience while in the country.


There is also the team element that excites me. Working with eight other people is going to be a huge help. They will bring in different outlooks, opinions and points of view when it comes to everything we will experience together. I believe this will help me journalistically while also enriching my point of view towards certain topics. As someone who is always willing to learn and grow, I am excited to see what I will see differently than I did the first time I was there.

As I wait for the final two weeks to pass before going on the adventure of a lifetime, I am in anticipation of how my journalistic skills as well as how my international reporting skills will grow. I cannot wait to go adventure a little more before the end of my collegiate career and am looking forward to everything this trip will provide.

One thought on “Expectations and Hope

  1. Debbie Allen says:

    Your positive attitude and willingness to work hard will serve you well as a field reporter. Good luck!

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