Costa Rica: 2 Weeks Before

By: Liza Anderson

Some fun facts about me, I hate plane rides and I absolutely hate car rides. But I love traveling. This is sort of an issue right? How does one travel when they hate the act of actually traveling? Well, another fun fact is that I can pretty much fall asleep anywhere, especially on a plane. I sleep like a baby on planes. Once I get over the anxiety of getting through all the different lines and gates and finally to my seat, with pillow pet in hand, I fall fast asleep It’s usually the jolt from the plane landing that wakes me up. So the approximately three hour and thirty minute flight from Houston to Liberia shouldn’t be too big of a deal.


Another difficulty I have is my fear of bugs but my love of camping. I love nature and hiking. I love the fresh air and the brief serendipity of escape from the enslavement that is text messages, emails, and social media. I love being with others that also appreciate nature and the environment, and getting to know them on a completely different level then I would be able to otherwise. But I have a fear of bugs crawling on me in my sleep. This is the one incident where I do have difficulty falling asleep. This happened to me when I was younger. A curious spider crawled up my arm and as I was screaming my heroic dad came into my room, killed the spider, and sprayed what he convinced me was anti-spider spray (it was actually air freshener). I have been haunted ever since. So I anticipate a lot of double-checking of EVERYTHING; sheets, shoes, towels, clothes, socks, EVERYTHING. I don’t like killing spiders. When I see one and am yelling to roommates for help, I usually encourage them to put the spider outside, rather than kill it. So if I come across any little creatures in Costa Rica, I will let them do there thing as long as they let me do mine.


Despite these different fears, I am so excited to travel to Costa Rica for the first time. I can’t wait to explore the beautiful area and meet all different kinds of people. And I’ll try to keep my screams to a minimum when I come across any spiders.

One thought on “Costa Rica: 2 Weeks Before

  1. Debbie Allen says:

    A positive, patient, calm and accepting attitude is key for success as a field reporter. Breathe. Grow. Immerse yourself in the moment. View past experiences in your rear view mirror. Remember you are part of a team.You’re older and smarter now. Good luck!

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