Preparing for Costa Rica

Brianna Stubler

Ever since I studied in Greece summer 2014, my desire to travel has increased, so I have made national and international travel priorities.

The Greece proceeded the Philippines, which proceeded El Salvador, which lead me to Costa Rica. I am hoping to study in Italy this summer and travel throughout Europe, and upon graduating, get a masters in International Journalism. From there I plan to pursue a career in travel writing, though I am not committed to any particular topic or area of interest. Because of this, I have been seeking opportunities to gain experience in a variety of different areas of international journalism, leading me to this program.

I have never written about the topics we will cover, and I am looking forward to the freedom of finding and pitching stories and using multimedia and social media to enhance our final product. There are students from different interest areas, and it will be interesting to see them integrate their areas of expertise into their projects. I am hoping to learn from these unfamiliar interest areas and overall strengthen my journalistic abilities. Furthermore, I will be in an environment similar to that of my potential career, and will become more familiar with the complete processes of international reporting.

I am excited for this opportunity and will go into it with an open mind, keeping a live blog account of my time in Costa Rica.



One thought on “Preparing for Costa Rica

  1. Debbie Allen says:

    Being open-minded and patient will serve you well as a field reporter. Good luck!

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