A confrontation in 360 degrees

IMG_0696.PNGAn official with SENERA, a government agency, listens to protesters near Guacimal, Costa Rica, on Thursday morning. Local residents had blocked the road, refusing to move until receiving a call from nation’s Office of the Presidency determining whether the project to draw water from the Veracruz River would be suspended. Photo by Sean Roberts.(Editor’s note: this is a still image taken by a 360-degree camera. The 360 interactive version will be posted in a few days. The distorted fingers in the middle of the photo are those of the photographer, as processed in making the photo.)

2 thoughts on “A confrontation in 360 degrees

  1. Debbie Allen says:


  2. Can’t wait to see it!

    In the Theta S app, you can upload directly to theta360.com and get the embed link from there. After it uploads, click on the button where it takes you to the browser version and get the embed code from the bottom right.

    Have fun out there.

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