Odyssey of a lonely tarantula

By Catherine Wendlandt

MONTEVERDE, Costa Rica — A one-night stand gone horribly wrong.

All he was looking for was a good time. A chance to unwind and “chill” with a fellow orange-kneed tarantula. He was a wanderer, traveling from place to place, and now he was ready to find the right gal and settle down. But he chose wrong.

It appeared to start off great. He found her burrow and she welcomed him in, like Circe welcomed the Greeks. He crawled his way through the dark tunnel to her home. The attraction was instant. Chemical. A little bit of magic happened and it seemed like all of his dreams were coming true. A mate. A home. A family.

But she didn’t like him at all.

They started fighting. He tried to defend himself, but she was too powerful. All he was to her was a pig to slaughter. His world started going black. Soon, he was no more than her dinner.

2 thoughts on “Odyssey of a lonely tarantula

  1. Debbie Allen says:

    Intriguingly well written. Clever. Keep it coming!

  2. Linda Wendlandt says:

    “I hear stories and the tales they tell of a girl who breaks hearts with her magic spells they say she uses potions and evil chants but I know it’s just her tarantula dance ”
    -Bob Schneider

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