Pocket Full of Sunshine

By Lauren Barnas

COLUMBIA, Mo. — The thought of leaving for Costa Rica in nine short days fills me with a variety of emotions. Primarily, I’m excited to immerse myself in a new culture.

Columbia is our own little pocket of a universe. There are some days I don’t leave the two square-mile radius in which my house and the University of Missouri campus lie. There are other days the university opens doors (quite literally the door to the shuttle that will pick me up in a week) and gives me the opportunity to report in Costa Rica over winter intersession.


I’m testing out my GoPro before we leave for Costa Rica. We all know Murphy’s  Law can be a sneaky little guy.

I hope this trip will teach me to be a better journalist and push me to new limits. Many of the assignments I’ve completed have been under relatively little pressure with generous deadlines. I’m excited (as weird as that is… #journalismprobs) to be under the pressure of a stricter deadline and have an organic field reporting experience.

I can’t wait to bring back a little bit of Tico culture to tuck in my pocket and keep forever. The countdown begins!

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