Embracing the Unknown


By McGuire McManus

COLUMBIA, Mo — As I am wrapping up my second to last semester of college (yikes), I have been plagued daily by the thought that I have absolutely no idea where I am going to be come May of 2016.

Not knowing where I am going to be, or what I am going to be doing, at first scares me. Everyone has this grand idea of the amazing job in the amazing city they will land right out of college. Or, we have the other idea of the humdrum job in the small town we will be forced to settle with. This journey to the next part of our lives is so scary, but at the same time excites me more than I can express in words.

This is the same excitement that I have for my upcoming trip to Costa Rica. Our study abroad instructor, Bill Allen, has prepped us about where we will be traveling and what kinds of things we will see. We’ll see cloud forests, insects, Ticos, coffee farms, but Bill also lets us know that we really don’t know what all we will see or come across.

That is so exciting.

Not knowing about where you will be and what things you will learn in this life is such a thrill that we humans are fortunate enough to experience. It will be my goal from here on out, in Costa Rica, throughout life, to embrace the unknown.

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