It’s finally here

I decided to sign up for this trip about 12 hours before the deadline. It was an caffeine-induced impulse that left me scrambling for an explanation the next day. The panic only lasted a few hours, and I have since become more and more excited each day. I have been fortunate enough to see a lot of the world by 22, but Central and South America is a place that I have not visited yet. I have heard a lot about Costa Rica over the years, and am excited to explore it through a journalistic lens.

There are a few worries I have. I’m a mosquito magnet in Missouri, and I am sure this will continue to be true. I’m not afraid of bugs, just annoyed by the effects of getting stung or bit. I’m worried that the stories I find will not live up to my personal expectations and goals for myself, but overcoming that will just take more determination and effort on my part. Science and environmental reporting are not my strong suits, but I’m hoping that this unique experience will change that.

Overall, I am thrilled and can’t wait for the opportunity to explore this interesting place. This semester flew by, and I’m still wrapping my head around the fact that we’ll be in Costa Rica in a few weeks. It’s random, but I’m probably most excited for the food. I’m a sucker for fresh fruit, and I imagine I’ll be in Heaven in a place like Costa Rica. I also really hope we see a jaguar — that would be an incredible thing (but unlikely, I know).

A random collection of thoughts, I know. It has just been hard to focus on the trip while making it through the first semester of graduate school. But now that the semester has wrapped up, I couldn’t be more excited , focused, and ready to go.

-Ryan Schuessler

One thought on “It’s finally here

  1. Debbie Allen says:

    Interesting reflections. Your open mind will serve you well.

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