Initial Thoughts

I suppose leaving the country for the first time is supposed to be nerve wracking. I’ve been asked often if I’m excited to leave, and I’m not sure what to say. Sure, I’m excited, but I haven’t really thought about it much. I’ve always found that’s the best way to approach these situations: forget it’s happening until you’re on the plane.

Watching videos and reading about Costa Rica has certainly changed my perspective on what I’ll be encountering in Monteverde and Guanacaste. I’ve been very happy to learn about the sustainable culture that prevails there. I hope that I’ll be able to really experience being an environmental writer in this way, and document some of the practices that I’ve been reading about.

The only real worry that I have is that I’ll fall in love with Costa Rica and never want to leave. I’ve seen this happen to many people my age, in high school on mission trips to Africa or studying abroad for semesters in New Zealand; everyone seems to come back enchanted, wishing they’d never left. I have always wanted to stay firmly planted in the United States, until the day that I die, but I fear that I’ll find a taste of something better in Costa Rica and no longer desire to live in the United States anymore. It’s kind of funny, to be afraid of a future version of yourself.

-Katherine Hambrick

One thought on “Initial Thoughts

  1. Debbie Allen says:

    Try not to be fearful of the unknown. Direct that energy towards what will be an amazing adventure. Venturing out of the U.S. is a healthy growth experience. Good luck!

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