Costa Rica, Nos Vemos Pronto

With approximately three weeks left until we venture into new territory I can’t help but anticipate the new smells, sounds and people. This new journey makes focusing on the last minute details of the fall semester all the more taxing, yet energizing. The sooner I conclude the semester the sooner the I will embark into the tranquility of Costa Rica, a land known for its rich coast and rich history.

But before I can daydream about days embracing tropical climate one must brave the Missouri winter – and complete the list of things to do on our ‘Prepare for Costa Rica’ list. First things first, create a list- a list of what not to do, what not to bring, and how to keep one’s mind out of the Costa Rican sands, trading the soft sands for Club Ellis books.

1. Do not indulge in Missouri mexican food. It will only leave you craving for the real thing, which will remind you that the real thing is around the corner. Instead, stick to american food- burgers, hot dogs, fries, anything that is likely to give you heart burn.

2. When you do start packing, do not bring an abundance of perfume. The bugs will eat you alive, along with other things…

After all, what field reporter wants to smell like Japanese cherry blossom, when they can smell like grass and rich soil.

3. Cherish all your cute winter scarves, boots, leggings and knit hats while you can – because Costa Rica is too close to the equator for any of that. Instead of thinking about how hard it is to walk to class in the cold, think about the luxuries of hot chocolate and rosy cheeks when you do enter a warm classroom. As far as clothing for Costa Rica, keep it casual, nothing too short or tight. We will be walking a ton and we do not need anything to slow us down.

4. Ever heard the cliche “wake up and smell the roses…?” Well, in a foreign land I do not suggest you wake up and smell anything you haven’t already researched. With that being said, smell the roses while you are still in ‘The Show Me’ state.

5. Last but not least, my last bit of advice to keep you pushing until the end of that last final is to think about how much you love Tiger stripe ice cream. Though this may be the only edible thing you will miss about Missouri, this is still a commodity that true tigers can’t live without! Enjoy the last bit of tiger stripe and 1/2 price ice cream at Coldstone before we are tangled in the Costa Rican abyss.

Well, that’s it folks, five helpful tips to get you through to our highly anticipated adventure. I know much of my advice was gushing with satire, but I really do wish everyone the best in their final milestones of the semester. And as for Costa Rica, nos vemos pronto!

Mariah BrannanĀ 

One thought on “Costa Rica, Nos Vemos Pronto

  1. Debbie Allen says:

    You enjoyed writing this piece, that’s for sure! Such different adventures await for you in Costa Rica. Good luck!

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