A Reflection

In 22 days I will officially be out of the United States for the first time in my life. Although I planned to go on the Costa Rica study abroad trip as soon as I learned about it two years ago, for so long it was just a distant goal that seemed to be far in the future. Not anymore.

Instead of asking for a new phone or clothes this Christmas, I asked for hiking boots and a flashlight. And when it was mentioned at one of our trip meetings that I should ask for high-ankle boots because snakes will bite your ankles if they strike, everything became real to me.

At first I was just excited about the mere idea of being able to leave this country, but now that I’ve read and learned specifically about Costa Rica, its people, culture and history, I feel myself becoming invested and passionate about the country.

There is a strong possibility that I will cry from excitement at the airport in Cleveland before I depart, then again at the airport in Texas when I join my group for the last leg of the journey and again in torrents when I first set foot on Costa Rican soil.

Among all that excitement is also a lot of nervousness not only about the unfamiliarity of travelling to a foreign country, but also about being a good journalist and producing high-caliber stories to begin filling a portfolio.

It is part of my personality to worry so I must assure myself that I will be fine, but the countdown has definitely begun.

– Natalie Helms

3 thoughts on “A Reflection

  1. Debbie Allen says:

    Natalie, be brave and observant. Such a wonderful experience awaits!

  2. Peggy Riordan says:

    Ditto Debbie Allen! This will be such a special experience for you in so many ways. Another country, another culture, another people, another way of life. What you learn and experience will have a big impact on who you decide to become as life goes on. Make the most of your time and have fun doing so!!

  3. Chris Helms says:

    You have all of the tools in you to be a great journalist.
    Embrace the challenge!

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