Starting 2014 in Costa Rica

By: Stephanie Sidoti

I am excited to be traveling to Costa Rica to start 2014 exploring the country and it’s natural beauty. I have studied abroad a few times before and loved both experiences immensely, and I know that this experience will be just as fantastic!

I am looking forward to traveling to a new country and having the opportunity to practice my Spanish skills while learning new skill in international reporting. I am also looking forward to spending so much time in the Costa Rican nature and exploring the local plant, animal, and insect life (yes even the bugs).

As a photographer I am also super excited to have the opportunity to travel abroad and photograph a new and exciting location. I hope that my photographs will do Costa Rica justice!

But for now, I need to start writing up a packing list and putting things aside to make sure I don’t forget any necessary things, like my camera!

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3 thoughts on “Starting 2014 in Costa Rica

  1. juliecrombe says:

    Have fun in Costa Rica! I’m dying to go there too! Seems like such a beautiful country!

  2. Debbie Allen says:

    Good way to start your adventure, Stephanie. Enjoy and learn!

  3. katez says:

    So exciting! Where abouts are you heading? Let us know if you need any tips! Pura Vida! Kate

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