Pre-trip Reflection

It still has not sunk in that I will be going to Costa Rica over break.  It is really not that far from now that I will be going.  I never really thought I would have time to study abroad in college.  So I’m glad I have found this opportunity to go to Costa Rica.   

As far as my expectations go, I have heard a lot of glowing reviews.  My friends tell me it was a really fun time, and also a lot of work.  Though, I look forward to this challenge.  This will help me find what area I want to focus on in journalism.  I plan on taking a great number of pictures.  This should help me learn and prepare for a photojournalism class I have next semester.

The biggest part of the trip I look forward to is learning more about the Costa Rican culture and their passion for preserving nature.  Then, I want to avoid any snake if at all possible.  I hope I can learn a lot from this opportunity that doesn’t come around too often.  It will be something I can use to help me in the future, and get a better perspective of cultures around the world.

– Josh Booth

One thought on “Pre-trip Reflection

  1. Debbie Allen says:

    It’s good that you have an open mind for the incredible experiences that await you in Costa Rica, including creatures!

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