¡Estoy lista!

It’s 17 degrees and I’m dying. Okay, maybe I’m not literally dying, but I am finding every booted march on the icy ground towards my Soils 2100 exam to be more and more challenging with each and every windy gust.

It is definitely December in Missouri.

As I peel off my gloves and unwrap my scarf, I gaze into the poster outside the classroom.

Study Abroad!” it beckons with its sunshine and its warmth.

Even before feeling returns to my nose, I smile because I remember the light at the end of my final-exams tunnel:

Costa Rica, here I come!

Costa Rica promises more than Vitamin D this Winter Break. It promises adventure, excitement and new experiences – all of which seem few and far between in the gray Midwestern winter.
Studying in Costa Rica presents a new way to look at sustainable agriculture. Sustainability is more than a buzzword for Costa Ricans – it is a way of life. They produce with preservation for the future in mind, and I’ll hear the How’s and the Why’s from the primary source.

I can’t wait for this adventure and I know this adventure can’t wait for me!

Un abrazo,


Courtney McBay

One thought on “¡Estoy lista!

  1. Debbie Allen says:

    Your positive attitude will serve you well throughout this study abroad experience, and life in general.

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