Away We Go!

ImageBy Meg Pulling

COLUMBIA, Missouri — Costa Rica’s rich culture, abundance of diverse species and friendly people are just a handful of reasons thousands of tourists flock to the small Central American country each year.

As a journalist, Costa Rica represents fascinating stories about the environment, the vast array of plants and animals as well as the traditions of some of the world’s most peaceful people. Exploring rain forests, hiking volcanoes and discovering the importance of wind turbines present the opportunity to write about foreign experiences alongside mountainous terrain or sandy beaches.

However, this trip also represents countless new experiences to learn and grow as an individual. I am incredibly eager to partake in a trip unlike any other I have experienced- Costa Rica means new friends, new life lessons and new memories.

I am giddy about the chance to visit a new country and experience a new culture. I plan to immerse myself in their traditions, (attempt to) relearn Spanish and try every new food that comes across my plate.

Most importantly, though, I hope to learn more about field reporting and this different corner of the world. I cannot wait for the chance to apply what I have learned as a journalism student to our adventures in Costa Rica.

Come January 16th, I hope to come back from the trip not only with a new perspective on my profession, but a new perspective on life as well.

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