Training Parachutes

ME!By Kyle Cardine
COLUMBIA, Missouri —I feel alone as an International Journalist.  Out of the two or three that I’ve met here at the Missouri School of Journalism, I often wonder if there is any drive left for international correspondence and reporting.

I found some of this enthusiasm in my past International Journalism courses; however, anecdotes and articles can only go so far.  I feel, this Costa Rica trip is finally putting me to the test and it’s an exam that I’ve wanted to take for years.  I have a firm belief that one really learns while doing; in fact, I understood this after my first study abroad experience in Japan.  However, what’s even more enriching than the upcoming experience are the like-minded individuals going on this trip.  What made my first study abroad experience so memorable was being among friends that had the same passions, desires and dreams that I had.  To find that, once again, is the real treasure.

Also, having lunch with a sloth is going to be dope.

-Kyle Cardine

One thought on “Training Parachutes

  1. Roger Kyler says:

    There is always a need for people who are good at what they do!
    Keep up the good work

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