Reshaping a Global Perspective

Aaron Braverman

Aaron Braverman

By Aaron Braverman

COLUMBIA, Missouri — The Costa Rican environment has become a haven for environmental tourists from across the globe. For me, our adventure to Costa Rica is one of excitement, but also anxiety.

Traveling to a new city, region or country always has unique components to it. However, this excursion is different – it’s not a vacation in a tropical paradise, it’s hard work.

The jobs I plan on doing are not well defined. While I know I will be “doing Journalism”, as a Strategic Communication student, my interest area doesn’t allow a focus in one particular medium. That means I’ll be figuring out my strengths and the best way to present my stories on the fly — a challenge I share with few others on the journey.

While my fears about my work or language are substantial, they do not overtake my excitement for traveling abroad.

Trekking through forests, farms and volcanoes seems like a fantastic way to spend ones’ winter break. The activities that I’ll be doing will help reshape my global view and give me new insight into a world I know little about.

The trip will not be easy. The pace fast, the work hard, but an awesome adventure, nonetheless.

One thought on “Reshaping a Global Perspective

  1. Randi Braverman says:

    I have full confidence that you’ll do an excellent job at any of the assignments given to you and that you’ll have a terrific time while them!

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