Reporting fun and tourist-y fun in Costa Rica

by Marie French

COLUMBIA, Missouri — Instead of lazing around at home or obsessing over summer internships, I’m going to spend two weeks of my five-week winter break in a foreign country. Up until we started reading and talking about Costa Rica a month ago, I knew absolutely nothing about Ticos, Monteverde or Guanacaste. I still don’t know a lot, but at least I know enough to be even more excited about this trip.

Marie French

Marie French

Since this is a reporting trip, my main expectations revolve around how I hope to grow as a journalist and what types of stories I hope to learn about and write. In short:
• Get out of my comfort zone
• Learn about interesting research
• Write some solid science-related stories, but also take this chance to work on features and narrative story-telling

Then there are the non-journalist-type things I’m looking forward to during this trip. While it will be awesome to have some clips, I also hope to just have some fun (in addition to the reporting type of fun). I expect to:

• Eat some good food and drink lots of delicious coffee
• Enjoy beautiful scenery
• Have some awesome experiences that I will remember fondly – it’s college, right?

Super psyched to go! Only four weeks until lift off.

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