Buttercup, Chocolate and Coffee, Oh My!

ClassPic Trahan

Jackie Trahan

By Jackie Trahan

COLUMBIA, Missouri — Let me start off by saying I have never left the country. I have been to over 30 states in the U.S.A. but I have never stepped outside of it. (Unless you count the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, I swam in them both.) But now, for the first time in my 19 years of existence, I am going international.

I’ve been camping every summer, so I’m not afraid of bugs or spiders. I’m ready to be sweaty, disoriented, and desperately in need of a shower. I’m ready to take pictures, write stories and letters, and not miss my family or friends (sorry!). More than anything, I am excited. This is new. This is fun. This is an adventure narrated by me.

I will meet a sloth named Buttercup. I will buy homemade chocolate from a small artesian in Monteverde. I will drink an entire cup of coffee for the first time in my life just to taste it fresh from Costa Rica. I will snorkel in the warm water while it is snowing in Virginia. I might see a tarantula crawling across my bedroom floor.

The picture above is me right now, not made up, but exactly as you’ll see me in Costa Rica: Excited, really tired, and ready to share my story.

On this adventure I will experience so much more than I can imagine at this point. I will get on a plane like so many times before, but this time I will see a completely different skyline.

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