Project Day: Thursday, Jan. 5

Nikki Barr, left, interviews Jeny Peña, public health programs coordinator at the Monteverde Institute.

Today is the first “Project Day” of our field-reporting trip. The students have been out this morning tromping in the field, visiting food and women’s coops, reporting on the cheese-making process and more. Some of them have returned and some are still out there.

Their assignment is to write in-depth stories about topics they’ve chosen. Tomorrow (Friday) they’ll present their stories at a community meeting here at the Monteverde Institute, our headquarters while we’re staying in the cloud forest. So until then, few of the students will have time to post material to the blog. A couple items not quite posted last night may go up, including the long-awaited (by me, anyway) results of the Monteverde frog beauty contest.

Meanwhile, I post a few photos I’m taking today of the students as they work on their projects, including Nikki Barr, above.

— Bill Allen, instructor

One thought on “Project Day: Thursday, Jan. 5

  1. Debbie Allen says:

    Enjoyed the photos. Thanks!

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