Corridors of Life

In Monteverde, conservationists will tell you, frogs are disappearing and more and more animals are becoming endangered. Many of these animals have continual problems surviving because it has become increasingly harder for them to migrate from the Pacific Ocean to Monteverde and back again. They need to repeat this cycle throughout their lives but are unable to do so if the proper habitats aren’t available.

Protected habitats across Costa Rica are collectively known as “biological corridors.” In total, Costa Rica currently has 37 biological corridor restoration projects. According to Noé Vargas, Biological Corridor Coordinator, one of the most unique is only 60 km long and known as the Bellbird Corridor.

The Bellbird Corridor, established in 2006, is home to over 2,000 plant species, more than 400 species of birds and over 83 species of mammals. Twenty species of birds are endangered in this corridor alone, Vargas said. Preserving and maintaining these corridors is crucial to the survival of many species of Costa Rican wildlife. 

The council that works to restore and protect the Bellbird Corridor aims to do this in three main ways.  One is by trying to acquire land to add to the project. The second is to reforest the acquired land. Finally, the council works to educate the public on biological corridors and their importance to Costa Rica.

Biological corridors are an essential part of the Costa Rican wilderness, Vargas said. Restoring and preserving these precious pieces of land is an ongoing project that everyone should be aware of. For more information visit

— Maggie Hardwick

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