Thoughts on Costa Rica

The water and food are safe, people speak English, and the medical care is great. This makes Costa Rica sound not so different from the United States. The unexpected contrast to these worries tourists have isn’t what makes Costa Rica such a great place to visit; it’s the differences in people, culture, and environment. The people say yes, but mean no. They are proud to be Costa Ricans and even consider themselves on a level above other Latin American countries. They are friendly and only want to please. Include a beautiful environment that is hard to rival in wildlife department, and Costa Ricans have every right to brag. Costa Rica seems to be a country unlike any other and I cannot wait to experience it.


One thought on “Thoughts on Costa Rica

  1. Bill Allen says:

    Good perspectives, Maggie. Can’t wait to see how you respond to the experience! I predict great learning ahead. -Bill

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