Costa Rica: My Thoughts So Far

I pride myself on promptness and honestly what American doesn’t? It’s in our nature. From the moment I could understand what “arriving on time” meant, I was told, “Being early is on time and being on time is late.” After reading about Costa Rican culture in The Ticos, I know one of the greatest differences I may encounter in Costa Rica is adjusting to a la tica time. In the two weeks that I am in Guanacaste and Montverde, I hope to discover why time lacks constraint to Ticos as it does to Americans. Regardless of the way Costa Ricans and Americans differ in their value of time, I am positive I will have a memorable time while studying abroad. I hope to explore the country and use the journalistic skills I have gained thus far to produce a project that adequately captures the Costa Rican environment and culture.

— Cidney King

One thought on “Costa Rica: My Thoughts So Far

  1. Bill Allen says:

    Good post, Cidney. Sounds like you’ve got a great approach. I look forward to seeing how you commit journalism 10 degrees north of the equator!
    -Your fellow Chicagoan, Bill

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