Day 12 Recap

MELISSA KLAUDA/ While swinging from branch to branch, a howler monkey feeds on leaves in Santa Rosa National Park in Guanacaste Province of Costa Rica. Howler monkeys often travel in groups eating leaves, fruit, flowers and nuts.

On Wednesday, we sat for three exciting lectures (the Área de Conservación Guanacaste, its education program, and a revolutionary new concept for species barcoding) by three excited ACG workers, took a short hike involving howler monkeys and spent two hours talking to Dr. Daniel Janzen on his porch. It was thrilling, but exhausting.

MELISSA KLAUDA/ After a few attempts at standing on the surfboard, Jessica glides atop the waves at Playa Naranjo.

Same for today, but in different ways. It started with a rough rumble down a Santa Rosa National Park road that made Melissa repeat, “this is not a road!” at several turns. We took surfing lessons at Playa Naranjo, checked out snipping-snapping hermit crabs and colorful sea snails, wrote our names in the sand, talked to young men from San Jose and caught a few too many rays. In the late afternoon, a park specialist dug out sea turtle nests to investigate their eggs, and we bid “bon voyage” to a bucketful of baby turtles who straggled in their nests.

It’s all great material for several stories, but for now we’re just savoring our final days here in Costa Rica.


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