Day 2 Recap

MELISSA KLAUDA/ From left, Bill Allen, Kevin Deane, Amy Cherwin, and Kristina Casagrand let the wind hold them up at the Tejona Wind Farm. The wind can reach speeds near 100 km/hr.

MONTEVERDE, Costa Rica — Today moved quickly for the travelers. Breakfast was at 7:15 a.m. sharp to accommodate our travel to the Tejona Wind Farm, Costa Rica’s second largest producer of wind energy. More details will be covered later in Kristina’s post. The photojournalist crew (Benjamin, Melissa and Jessica) had a blast trying to withstand the gusts of wind that were nearly 100 km/hr to make their photos. The rest of us (Myself, Kristina, Bill, and our Monteverde Institute Coordinator Amy Cherwin) had almost as much fun watching them.

Next in line was lunch, and another two hour drive (mind you it was only 32 km or roughly 24 miles) to the Monteverde Institute. The road system here isn’t too advanced, but don’t feel too sorry for us about our travel time. We took plenty of breaks, and the photojournalists took advantage of the beautiful landscapes. We also got to listen to a quick overview of Monteverde from Amy.

BILL ALLEN/ The gang gets to work after a long day.

Once we got to the Institute, we got to listen to two lectures. The first was from Executive Director Jannelle Wilkins on sustainability in Costa Rica and in Monteverde. The second was from Noé Vargas about biological corridors, a program in its infancy since being adopted in 2007. Vargas is a coordinator of the Pajaro Campana Biological Corridor, spanning from Monteverde to the Pacific coast.

Time for some much needed sleep for these journalists.

Until tomorrow,


2 thoughts on “Day 2 Recap

  1. […] than 100 species of mammals and as many as 2,500 species of plants live in the forest according to yesterday‘s lecturer, Noé Vargas. After a mile-and-a-half through several trails, a walking stick […]

  2. BZ says:

    Where’s Professor Allen’s expectations/reflections for first day in the airport?

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